Discussing “Sculpting with Light” with Photographer Rick Gayle

Discussing “Sculpting with Light” with Photographer Rick Gayle

Rick walks us through his lighting thoughts while actually doing a shot. You can hear him discussing the thought process he uses, and you will learn a lot of great little lighting tips and tricks to make your next photograph even better.

Rick’s Website.

Rick’s Blog

I recommend signing up for Rick’s email updates if you are at all interested in real professional info and shoots – including some incredible behind the scenes at his food shoots.

Big shout out to Rick for doing this for you Lighting Essentials folks. And a big shout out to Charles Tibbs for handling some video duties as well. Appreciated, guys.

Photography by Rick Gayle

Photography by Rick Gayle

Rick will be doing a workshop for those interested in professional food photography.¬†Here’s the link.¬†This workshop will include a food stylist to show you all the tricks and answer the questions you may have about shooting food. Rick is a wonderful teacher – as you can see from the video – so this workshop comes highly recommended by me.


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  1. Awesome watch. Learned some cool little tricks. Thanks to all involved for this wonderful short take on creating images with light instead of the other way around,

  2. Excellent – thank you. My own light modifiers are a lot like Rick’s – lots of cardboard and foamcore.