The Fabulous Sandwich: Some Examples

The Fabulous Sandwich: Some Examples

Some shining examples of food shooting and shooting to layout from the Project 52 group.

The assignment:
Your assignment is to do a very interesting sandwich shot that fairly reeks of “high end cuisine sandwich” – and for this you will have a layout. The designer has already created two other brochures for the client, so the placement is pretty much set. He hired a photographer to do it, but unfortunately that photographer had never worked on any of the Project 52 stuff (probably didn’t have my book either) and totally, unconditionally failed to deliver the image.


Anyway – you guys are up next. What will you do to make this shot so freeking awesome that people will want, no – NEED to buy a sandwich from his restaurant – and make the designer and client ecstatic.

The layout was given to them as a layered PSD, and these are terrific examples of what the photographers did with it.

Our cover shot is by Cindy Kopp

Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Stephen Collins

P52: Assignment40-Sandwich
Bob Knill

308/365 The Amazing, Incredible Sandwich
David Travis

Anna Gunn

P52 Sandwich Assignment #1

P52 Sandwich Assignment #2
John McAllister (2)


Nikki Weidner (2)

Mike Audleman

icecream sandwich
Dan Fenwick

Sandwich P52
Grey Gibbs

Rob Worth

The Amazing Chicken Dilly Sandwich Layout
Bryan Lawler

Tim Lester

P52-40 Sandwich
Irene Liebler

David Moore

sandwich assignment
Virginia Smith

2012 P52 Week 40 - Sandwich
David Price

BLT Sandwich in Layout
Arni Freidling

The Incredible Sandwich

Flora Cusi

Cindy Kopp

Adi Talwar

Sandwich Product Shot
Jerry OConnor

OK, Now I’m Hungry… the Food Photography of Michele Drumm

OK, Now I’m Hungry… the Food Photography of Michele Drumm

Michele Drumm is a photographer in the Washington DC / Fredricksberg area of Virginia. Her work ranges from still life to environments, but one of her great loves is shooting food.

From meticulous studio shoots to on location editorial work, Michele brings a bit of whimsy and fun to each project she takes.

She has been a Project 52 member for two years and is now a Project 52 PRO, working on getting her book out and into the world.

We love her work and her commitment to making the image exactly as she sees it. Only problem is that every time I review her work, I gain a pound… heh.

Waygu Beef Burger

Highland Park Diner


Blackened Shrimp Saute over Sweet Corn Pudding and Mache Salad

Turkey legs at the fair

Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

portabella mushroom

Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

You can see more of Michele’s work at her Flickr page. Just click on any image above and it will take you to her images.

Thanks for coming along today, but I gotta run off now. It’s lunch time!

Project 52 PRO – Works

Project 52 PRO – Works

At the Project 52 PRO group, there are an astounding group of photographers all helping to boost each other into professionalism. Most of them have gotten a paying gig this year, and we are well on the way to making that happen for all of them.

The point of Project 52 has always been to introduce photographers into the ways and workings of commercial photography. We are not weddings and portrait oriented, although many of our shooters are indeed doing that kind of work.

To me, professionalism is not how much money you make or what kind of camera you shoot, it is an attitude that permeates all that you do. From the care and lighting of a photograph to working with clients to billing and marketing.

And anyone can learn to do that stuff.

The uniqueness of all of us in photography is in the eye/moment connection. What we see and when we decide to snap that shutter.

Below are shots from many of our Project 52 PROs. I hope you enjoy them.

11.24.11 Corning-322-Edit-Edit.jpg
Eric Muerttities

Hurley Stick and Sliotar Ball
Steve Collins

William Cohea

Hiram Chee

Picnic table
Greg Kindred

Fish Pier #?
Alfred Kuypta

Mirtha - Beauty
Ed Yezekian

Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Michelle Drumm

Rob Davidson

San Luis Obispo
Nick Giron

Thomas, WV
Reed Waters

Don Fadel

Pete Hudeck

Steve Pamp

Snifter Vase
Keith Knasiak

Day 184 - My model T - Sunset surprises
Terry Jacobson

CT 1K Space Needle and Sculpture  © 2012  36
Bret Doss

House at Night
Anthony Dunn

Bouncy ball making a big splash
Charles Tibbs

Getting loaded
Ryan McGeehee

Em Thomas

I will be posting some images from the Lighting Essentials group (non-Pro) next week.

Some Exceptional Images from the Project 52 PRO Group

Some Exceptional Images from the Project 52 PRO Group

Project 52 is in its second year, and we added a PRO group. This group is focused on getting up to speed on the business, portfolio, website and marketing focus needed to go professional. Whether that professional is full time, part time or just for the fun of getting to be as good as possible, the assignments are sometimes difficult.

We have lost 30% of the membership since we launched. That makes me kinda sad, but – it is what it is.

This is NOT a ‘go and shoot chicks in hot bikinis’ group, nor is it a ‘oh, that’s so pretty…’ group. We are working on small business plans, client lists, client research and putting together a portfolio that works. A PORTFOLIO that WORKS!

That means concept, subject matter, and execution of the highest level.

And then to have someone to show it to, price it accordingly, KNOW when to go down the rights road, or how to use it as a bargaining chip. There is so much more to being a professional photographer than shooting.

It is an attitude, a process and a general outlook on what you do.

Anyway – let’s take a look at some of the work that our PRO group did for this week.


A Project 52 Assignment: Lunch

A Project 52 Assignment: Lunch

This was a most incredible assignment over at Project 52.

Based on a single layout, supplied to the photographers, they had to complete a faux assignment from an ad agency that was representing a Pharmaceutical Company. The point of the ad was to show how a new pill could allow oldsters to feel like they were younger. The product addresses an eating disorder, so the focus was on having “lunch”. There were few creative directions; the photographers could look at the assignment from a contemporary perspective, shooting older folks behaving more like they were young, or in a nostalgic way showing how much fun it was to have lunch when they were younger.

The work was simply amazing.

I want to share their work with you here. It is really exceptional. The images are linked to the photographer’s Flickr page. If you like the work, let them know by clicking and leaving a comment.

Project 52 2012:  Assignment Fourteen - A "Lifestyle" Picnic
Vintage Design Smith


Some Assignments Are Just Sweeter Than Others

Some Assignments Are Just Sweeter Than Others

And that’s a fact, Jack!

Over at Project 52 ( we did an assignment on Desserts. The job was to make a dessert shot so inviting that it fairly SCREAMED chocolate (or at least DESSERT).

We had a lot of submissions.

Here are twenty that caught my eye… and believe me, I could have done 3 times 20, there are that many good ones there. Here is the link to the Flickr page where the images are. Take a look at the incredible work that the students are doing.

Let’s take a look:

Michele’s lovely Chocolate Dessert shot!

(Our cover shot is by Bret Doss.)

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