Charge What It’s Worth… Or Shoot it For Free

Charge What It’s Worth… Or Shoot it For Free

A gift is a gift. If you want to gift your photography, I have nothing to say about it. Your right and good for you for gifting your gift.

When you pull the plug on pricing, you bring everyone else down as well, and mostly you hurt yourself worse than anyone. If you lowball the hell out of something, you will never get what it is worth… ever. Because you already set your price for that work. And clients don’t like it when your price goes up.

Best of Project 52: May 14th, 2017 Edition

Best of Project 52: May 14th, 2017 Edition

A new ongoing feature on Lighting Essentials; Best of Project 52.

Project 52 has so many wonderful images posted each week and I want to feature the best of the best here for you to enjoy. Whether it is portraiture, product, still life, food or conceptual imagery, the photographers of Project 52 continue to impress me with a high technical expertise and spot on acumen for the genres they have chosen.

For more information, see the Project 52 Pro home page.

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“You go where you look…”

“You go where you look…”

ON a motorcycle or in life, what we see in front of us will draw us in.

Don’t focus on the negativity or the problems, focus on the solutions and the positivity all around you.

It works… it really does.


Second Guessing the Art Director… Don’t Do It

Second Guessing the Art Director… Don’t Do It

There are two parts.

1. Don’t shoot images you think art directors or clients WANT to see because you will be wrong more often than right. There is no aesthetic that everyone wants to see.

So be authentically you and shoot the images the way you want to shoot them so they fit your style. If the AD likes that, you have a shot. If they don’t, then you don’t want to shoot with them either.

You are not automatically entitled to every client that converts oxygen.

2. But you must make sure that the work is a good fit for them according to what they do.

When my ad agency would get promos, we would get a smorgasbord of architecture, models, cars, food… the gamut.

But anyone could look us up and see we did medical technology clients. Not models, not food, not cars.

Medical technology.

Rarely did we ever get a promo or a portfolio showing that gave us images that we found relatable to what our needs were.

Research the client and find out what they use, what they need, what they are looking for. And if you shoot that kind of work, great. Just make sure you shoot it in YOUR style, your way.

Otherwise you can make more money driving Uber.