Well, that was a lot of fun. Had a few technical glitches, learned what not to do next time and how to what I want to do better. Next time coming soon. Really soon. We recorded each session and the videos are here on the page for you. I would appreciate a thumbs up on YouTube if you liked them. Many more to follow. Thanks to all who participated and if any of you have questions, let me know.

It seems so many people are offering stuff at a discount on Black Friday that it is easy to forget that in the end, it is simply another day. I don’t have any actions or presets to sell, and I gave my last two books away. I have no plans on separating you from your hard earned money on Friday, just to try to give back to the community a bit from my experience with photography.

5 Shows, all free, not fancy with high-end production values, just me showing and talking about photography.

If you are interested in these topics, you may want to put down the credit card and join me for some photo fun.

8 AM MTN: One Hour
Basics of Flash Lighting

A discussion on the basics of lighting with special attention to the use of strobes and flash lighting. Have your flash at hand so we can learn by seeing and doing.


PDF Download

(OVERVIEW: 5 Buiding the Rope Meter)

Introduction to Subject Centric Lighting

10 AM MTN: One Hour (+)
The Still Life Chocolate Shoot

We will be shooting a still life with chocolate, and try to get a few different angles in. After a few minutes intermission, we will be back at the chocolate shot – this time in LR and Photoshop.


NOON MTN: One Hour
Developing a Marketing List?

The basics of building a list of potential commercial clients in your area. This will be a quick look, so be prepared for notes and more.

2 PM MTN: One Hour (+)
Building a Photography Website

I will build a website using DIVI and WordPress. You will watch and learn how to customize the site, and also how to prepare the images and content so building is easy. This will be totally live.

The ‘theme’ we create will be saved and you may download it and use it if you like.

4 PM MTN: One Hour
My “Natural Light Kit”
Shooting natural light doesn’t mean shooting without modifiers, or light shaping tools. I love natural light, but I have a kit of tools that I use for working with it. I will share my kit with you as well as how I work with the various tools and modifiers. If you love natural light, join us for a deep dive into how you can further control it.

Natural Light Beauty and Fashion at UDEMY (Yep, it’s free too)


These shows are planned to be simulcast on Facebook LIVE, and Zoom. Zoom can only take 100 viewers (yeah, like I’ll have that problem) but does allow questions and comments.

See you all on Friday.


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