Nicole shot these images for the Still Life Class. The idea was to shoot a portrait and a landscape of the same image to see how the subject matter changes in the POV of the camera. She wanted a very soft, natural feel to the light.

The photo at the top shows the landscape view and the two images below show how the portrait view changes the relationship of the eggs to the background by including more of the contextual area around the subject.

The image on the left adds a bit of candle warmth to the images.

You can see the fill board reflection on the shadow side in the images below.

Here is her lighting scheme for the still life. The soft scrim is just above the subject and is diffusing the already diffused sunlight from the window nearby. This allows for the ambient of the window light to be used as well as the soft, scrimmed light from above.

I think those 5 in one reflector kits with the scrims inside are the best bang for the buck for lighting. Buy two.

All photographs by Nicole Fernley.

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