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Also known as Don Giannatti, photography has been the focus of my life for most of my adult years. I have written three books for Amherst Media (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble: keyword 'don giannatti'. Lighting Essentials is my flagship blog and ezine with a slightly different slant than most photography related blogs. If you are interested in becoming a better photographer, check out www.project52.org. Thanks for visiting.

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Shooting a Beer with Rui Bandeira

Cerveja Letra for Don

We have so many talented people in the Project 52 PRO group. Meet Rui Bandeira.

He shared this shot with my last night and I knew I had to share it with you all. Here is Rui:


I had 3 goals for this shot:
1) it had to be fresh and make the viewer desire to drink it
2) keep the bootle, the lable and the glass important
3) keep a traditional and rustic look

I made the image with a Canon 5DmKII and 100mm L MacroII

After deciding on the framing I wanted I started the shooting.

I knew I would do some compositing so I started by making the base shot. I would then build the rest of the shots i needed based on my drawn comp.

After the base shot I started doing the images needed for the comp.

I had to do a few images with a gold card for the interior of the bottle and glass, for doing this I hand moved the flash so I could get it pointing to the cards.

For doing the bottle images I removed the glass, and for the glass images I removed the bottle.

After having all the images, it was time to composit it all in Photoshop.

You can see a hi Res image here.”

Thanks Rui. Below are some shots Rui furnished for the shoot. See more of Rui’s work at his website.





Here is a GIF that shows the process.


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Photoshop Repair: Bri in the High Desert


I like to play around in Photoshop a lot, and when I do I am going to start sharing what I do with my Project 52 Pros. And anyone else who wants to know what I do.

I am not putting myself out there as a Photoshop Guru by any stretch of the imagination. I am simply sharing what I do for those who have asked.

Here is the original, terrible photo I took out there on that desert morning.


The Photoshop work is here.

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I have always loved sand. When I was a kid I would play in it, except when mum let the cat play in it first, and then it smelled sort of like my little brother, but… I digress.

Cameras are obsolete. We hear every day about this new gizmo and that new gizmo, and how iPhones and soccer moms are killing the industry. And – I have come to understand that they are correct.

Photography, as an industry is totally dead. No life at all left in it. The fact that billions of images are uploaded daily is testament to the fact that no one cares about images anymore.

But sand… sand is eternal. Sand is from the earth. Sand is organic. Sand will save the planet, which will someday get hit by a mighty meteor and explode, thus saving “Sanctumorius Two” in the Umbawumba Galaxy from a terrible fate.

Sorry, digressing again.

Sand is now my medium.

And not that gritty ol’ beach sand, nosirree, that sand is for amateurs and wannabe’s … I will use only fine, Italian sand. (They have sand in Italy… right? Right?)

I have moved beyond mere photography into a world where there are NO Craigslist competitors, soccer moms with sand, and the constant fear of being the most expensive. Hell, we all wanna be the cheapest, right?


Anyway. This is my fond farewell. I have decided to go bravely into this new world of sand painting with eyes wide open (well, you know, with goggles of course) and my off sand lighting and create some great ‘sandist’ work.

Depth of field? Screw it.
Focus? Screw it.
Inverse Square Law? I don’t even know what that is so screw it.

A dog (to keep the cats away)

And, since I am not using batteries, I am single handedly saving this wretched planet.

You’re welcome.

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Book Ideas: “What If…”


What if.

What if you created a magazine instead of a book? Told a story or two in the magazine, showed a subject in depth, then printed 10 copies for influential art directors in your town and offered all who came to the site a PDF?
(Blurb does magazines for as little as $10)

What if you wrote a novel and instead of describing the house where the family lived, you included a photograph of it. Not a photographic novel, but a novel that included photographs.

What if you made a diary of your travels, made small prints and pasted them on the pages and then scanned the pages into a book, and then wrote in the book with pen and marker? What if you made only twenty of those books?

What if you made a book of screen grabs from Lightroom thumbnails? Nothing but screen grabs of thumbnails on every page. Show the process.

What if you made ten big books at Graphi ($4000) and sold them for $1000 each? Collectors items – one offs – custom books. Art.

What if you made a book of every shot you did on a roadtrip? Just thumbnails, but every stinking shot.

What if you made a book, and included 6 small and numbered prints with each book? Hand signed, and in a limited edition.

What if you hooked up with an illustrator and a poet to create a hybrid book about the mythical beasts of Slot Canyons? Just askin’…

What if you worked with a band to create a story that was half images and half rock-opera? And what if you included the CD? And what if you included some of the score? An photographically illustrated rock opera with the music attached.

What if you hooked up with a MUA, three models, a stylist and some incredible wardrobe and shot a fantasy fashion story, then printed it as a small magazine or published it on ISSU?

Books are cool. Books can be amazing tools.

What are some of your ‘what ifs’?

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