Aputure Trigmaster Plus II Triggers

Aputure Trigmaster Plus II Triggers


Have you ever gotten a product that made so much sense to you that you think it was made to order? That is how I feel about these Trigmaster Plus II’s from Aputure.

Wireless Triggers for flash is now one of the most important tools we have seen emerge in the last decade. Being able to fire flashes without having cords running all over the floor – or work to create “line of sight” for opticals means more freedom for the photographer.

I am a manual flash photographer. I am not interested in ETTL, ATTL, or whatever your camera manufacturer calls the auto-flash exposure mode. I know others who love it. Fine.

I don’t. I like manual and for the way I work, manual works just fine.

And speaking of ‘manual’… (nice segue, eh?), the manual – instruction book – that comes with these triggers is clear, concise and easy to understand. That is pretty cool, right there. I wish all manuals were this easy to go through to find what I need. Clear illustrations and simple concepts had me working with them within a few minutes of taking them out of the box.

And out of the box… the worked flawlessly. That is even cooler than the instruction manual!


trigmasterThey have literally everything I would ever want in a trigger system. Multiple mounting tools (straps, hot shoes, stands) and the options that make sense for the way I shoot.

  • All-In-One Transmitter and Receiver
  • Interlink Triggering Mode
  • Four Zones
  • Relay Mode
  • Multi-Camera Control
  • Power Display
  • Compatibile with all Aputure 2.4G Triggers
  • 500m Range
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Compatible with high voltage flash units (up to 300v)
  • Compatible with all major brands of flashes (you must purchase the ones for your brand camera)
  • 2.4G Wireless Signal
  • 1/320 Max Sync Speed
  • Metal Hot Shoe
  • Locking Wheel (nice)
  • Antenna folds down for easier storage
  • Easy to read display and controls
  • 1/4″ Tripod Mount on cold shoe
  • Safety Strap
  • All cables needed for most flashes
  • Extra Battery Case
  • PC Cable
  • Flash Sync Cable
  • Sync Output Converter (for larger flashes like my Profoto’s)
  • Test Trigger Button
  • Camera Trigger (remotely fire camera)
  • 6 Channels / Four Zones for maximum productivity

Something I like a lot is the ability to use the remote camera trigger AND have the camera fire a remote flash at the same time. That is new – at least to me – I have not seen any triggers that do that. This is the “Interlink” feature of the units and it is pretty cool

Using the Relay mode on “Super” you can reach out to distances not imagined in inexpensive wireless triggers. I tried it and found that I could get my daughter at one end of the block and me at the other and it still triggered… amazing.

These are not TTL or ETTL or whatever your camera brand calls automatic exposure control of the flash from camera. These units are manual, sturdy, feature rich tools that make shooting with all kinds of flashes (large, medium, small) easier and with less stress.

I have a big batch of different kinds of strobes from Dynalite and Profoto studio strobes to off-brand flashes purchased on EBay for a few bucks. These triggers fired all of my working flashes – without missing a beat.

I need to add an additional big shout out to the designers who used white lettering on the black unit. I know that is an additional cost in the manufacturing process – but it so welcome to many of us who may not have those same young eyes we did back when we were 25. I love the fact that I can see what I need to do without having to angle them to the light to catch black raised letters on a black surface.

Look for them soon on Amazon – we will add a link here as well.
Available on EBay for $59 per.

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  1. “Something I like a lot is the ability to use the remote camera trigger AND have the camera fire a remote flash at the same time. That is new – at least to me – I have not seen any triggers that do that.”

    Is this any different from the “Relay” mode that PocketWizards have had since time immemorial, or at least since the II Plus? Put PW on camera, plug in shutter cord, set flash PWs one channel higher than camera PW, then trigger all with another PW set to same channel as camera PW. Super-reliable, works with just about any combination of gear.

    I’m not knocking Aputure (except for their spelling), just trying to understand if their feature actually is different.

  2. I do not know.

    I do not use Pocket Wizards… for various reasons.

    As to the smaller brands, it is new. While there are many which will fire the camera, it is either the camera or the flash.

    In the case of these units, “relay” is the ability to place one unit at the far reaches of the distance limit and then ‘relay’ the signal to a unit even further away.

    While I have never needed to fire a flash more than two football fields away, these seem to do the trick. In this case, ‘relay’ means something different than camera/flash triggering.

  3. Don, I have the earlier versions of the Aputure triggers you recommended a while back and I love them. They easy to use and they always work! However the ones I have don’t have a lot of range. Most of the time that is not very important. But I am definitely checking these guys out. Thanks!

  4. So these will put to rest all of the debates on the Strobist forum about what triggers to buy, right…? Heh.

  5. No Chris.
    That will never happen.


  6. Interested in the camera/flash triggering function but where do you get the camera
    shutter cable for this unit?

  7. Maybe a crazy question but are they compatible with Pocketwizards? Could they be implemented into a Pocketwizard system?

  8. Hey Don, Do you have any idea when these will be available on Amazon? Looking to try a set but I prefer to work through Amazon instead of ebay.