44 IMAGES FROM THE POOL on Lighting Essentials

We have another inspirational post from the Lighting Essentials Flickr Pool. 44 terrific images that hopefully will inspire you. I love looking through that pool whenever I have a few minutes. Take your time, and as always, the images link to the photographers Flickr page so take a look at the other wonderful imagery you can find there.

Our cover shot was done a few days ago at the amazing Boston workshop. It rained steady the second day and we had to punt a bit, but we got some amazing imagery. Fantastic models and talent and some really talented photographers there in Boston.

Off to Boise – and we have an opening or two. Sure it’s last minute notice… but hey, throw caution to the wind and join us in Idaho for a workshop that will change the way you think about, and use, light.

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I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed looking through the pool. Grab a cold one (or a warm one if you back in New England) and spend some time looking at the amazing work.

Here are 44 of the most amazing Lighting Essentials Flickr Images. Thanks for sharing the great images with the world, folks. PLEASE click on the photographs to see more of the amazing images from the photographers presented here. And of course, thanks to all the photographers who participate in the Lighting Essentials

Little house on a prayer (defished)

Soap light and then the camera

I paid $5 for the dress and $5 for the picture...
Sometimes, even Calgon couldn't take her away.


Just Fab, hanging out.

Krav Maga Hits



Roni 'Gildroc' Lehmus

Margarita Muji

Issie - Model Photography




Waking Up In His Clothes


Kristi, on a windy and cold day at the beach (sunny Southern California)

Smoke Break......

If Laura Croft Played Paintball....

Vanessa Evening

It wasn't much, but the little place was all hers...

The Goddess

Aleshea - Grit n' Silk tests

New Project 1

Punk Rawk

Sooooo Tired (in B&W)

Helen and Amanda


From the heavens - Day 44/365

Lighting Essentials - Day 2 - Kathleen

Now nothing will be the same...


Zandrea and the Tucson Sun

Day 270 | 365 - Solitude

he was the one they called charlie...and they were his angels.



Lady Assasin





Thanks for stopping by. I am so proud of the work on the Lighting Essentials Flickr page that I love to share these images. Makes a heck of an inspirational post, ya know.

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See you later this week with another post.

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