33 Incredible Images from the Flickr Pool
Image by Don Fadel.

Hey… it’s been a while. Sorry ’bout that. I have been traveling so dang much that it has been a little hard to get to the site… but I have really got a lot of stuff ready to go.

The last few weeks included Boise, Toronto and this weekend it is Pittsburgh. If you are ready to get your lighting up a notch or two, we will have our schedule for next year ready for signup on December 1. I am taking most of December off to work on the book and DVD. We should have some great stuff for next year. I am revamping the workshop to include more demos/handouts/video and some other cool things to be announced.

Toronto was a blast… a real blast! We had some incredible light on Saturday, and some – uh – fog on Sunday. No matter… the thing rocked. Shooting in Adam Belnap’s beautiful studio (more coming on that) and the cool area all around it.

I got to see some of the beautiful Canadian countryside on the way back (getting lost facilitated a trip through the back roads of Ontario… lucky I had time). It was beautiful and cold.

I got to the airport in Buffalo and found this email from one of my attendees…

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop. I am in tears right now and that is not an exaggerating. I have been struggling for awhile (for a long time) with figuring out a career path for myself. I have always had a passion for photography, but was always unsure if I could do it. I got home last night and was anxious to look at my photos that I took from Sunday’s session, but had to force myself to sleep. (I can’t lie I was exhausted, but a good exhaustion.)

This morning I woke up got the kids off to school, and sat down to look at my pictures. There were some not so good pictures, some really good images, and some photographs that I never thought I could’ve taken in a million years! They literally took my breath away. If it weren’t for you putting on this workshop, and making it affordable to someone like myself, I would still be sitting here today, wondering if I could do it. I now know I can do it, and more importantly I want to do it so bad I can taste it. Thank you a million times over.”

I love this. I really do. You are welcome!

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Let’s go on now and check out these amazing 33 images from the Flickr LE Pool.

From the amazing Lighting Essentials Flickr Pool. And remember that you should click on the images you like and visit the photographers. Leave a comment or two… they love it

Fighter Portrait (Joakim)

A fairytale....

Alanna 5349


Nova 4

Rusty Ride into the Night

Merle with Hope

She stood in the shadow of the gateway, waiting for better exposure in life

Worlds coolest dad




When You Seduce Me, I'll Surrender

New Hat


Fredrik n Arvin

I want to grow up

Adrian Matenda

Emma Jayde Nov 09_0082

Neavo Hollywood Glam


Lisa and Rob-14



Out From the Dark - Tunis (Ps)


Heather - Lighting Essentials Workshop


Emma Jayde Nov 09_0202

Thanks for taking a look and be sure to click on the images to see more work by these wonderful photographers. If you liked it, be sure to Tweet it or share… see upper right of each page for a series of sharing tools.

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