This is a fun assignment.

An art director needs a cover shot for an industrial trade magazine.

Which industry?

Whichever industry you choose – but it is industrial. Mechanical… build stuff!

The gig can be one of three approaches.

This shot would be a worker, holding something in their hands or working with their hands. We have background included… and it must be lit. Whether you use natural light or bring your own, the background cannot be ignored. Art director would prefer lighting from the right, as that is somewhat a custom of their magazine.

Still Life:
Tools, dies, saws… whatever you choose for this shot, there must be patina, a sense of them being used. Heavy lifting stuff. Real hard working tools. Gardening and light housework tools are not included.

Industrial Transportation:
Big trucks, skip loaders, construction site. If you go this way, remember to bring lights. This is a cover shot and it MUST be dramatic. Absolutely dramatic. Use your strobe to light something up, light paint in something to be featured. Take off the ‘snapshot’ hat and put on the “OMG, I can’t believe you shot this” hat.

The shot is vertical. I have included a layout for those who wish to go that way. Use of the layout is OPTIONAL.

Room for Masthead (magazine name)

PSD for those who want to put your work in a layout (optional). INDUSTRY.psd

Use Google to find what is out there… and you may be disappointed that so much bad photography exists in the construction arena.
Or… you may be very excited that so much bad photography exists in construction and find a niche that needs to be filled… ya know?

Research is GOOD.

Some ideas:

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