OK… time to shine.

This must be a photograph in which the subject inhabits about 25% of the image.

There is not much specifics to this assignment. After the difficult magazine assignment shoot, it is time to relax and make something fun.

Here is a Google page of environmental portraits.

Your call, your shot… just one thing. You must make this one rock. If it is natural light, it has to be amazing natural light. If you light it, LIGHT it.

However, BEFORE YOU SHOOT, I do want you to research and find an environmental portraitist that you really like.

Look at the portraitists you like and make notes:

Why is the shot done on a location, in an environment?

What does the environment add to our understanding of the subject?

Or does the environment stand in contrast to the subject?

How does the photographer choose to frame the subject in the environment?

Environmental portraiture.

Brian Harkin Interview

On OK article.

A few tips.

Just remember that the subject should be just a part of the environment… 25-35%, not filling the frame. And the environment must say something about the subject, and their relationship to it.

Oh, and make it killer

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