Yeah… it is a popular headline, but that is what the client wants.

The Design Company is located out of your area, but wants you to shoot this because you have been consistently marketing to them with great work.

A local restaurant supply shop wants to produce a series of posters for their clients. This is a proof of concept shot for the designer to present at a presentation. You are getting $600 bucks for this, and if the client buys the concept, you will then shoot 9 more shots for $1400 each.

This is what the designer has told you they want;

  • Clean, bright background.
  • Colors should be muted and not detract from the ‘hero’ of the shot – egg(s)
  • Surface should be clean, NOT a textured, or wooden type surface.
  • Egg(s) should be prominently displayed in the image.

Layout is included: incredible-egg.psd

The text at the bottom has to be allowed for. What will you put there? Nothing in the image should impede the readability of the text. Busy backgrounds

Nothing in the image should impede the readability of the text. Busy backgrounds, or areas that are too light may cause the reversed (white) text to be difficult to read. Your job as a photographer is to be aware of this so your art director doesn’t pull their hair out having to ‘fix’ the image.


Images for Review:

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